Thursday, September 10, 2015

Apples Galore!

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Way Up High
Way up high, in the apple tree,
Two little apples smiled at me.
So I shook that tree as har-r-rd as i could.
Down came the apples. Mmmm, were they good!

Hanging in the Tree
Tune: Five Little Monkeys
Five little apples hanging in a tree,
Teasing Mr. Slinky worm can't eat me,
Along comes Mr. Slinky worm quiet as can be...
Sing with 4,3,2,1

Apples are Falling
Tune: Are You Sleeping?
Apples are falling, apples are falling
From the tree, from the tree.
Pick up all the apples, pick up all the apples,
One. two, three; one, two, three.


An Apple Seed
Tune: Itsy Bitsy Spider
Once a little appleseed was planted in the ground
Down came the raindrops, falling all around.
Out came the big sun, bright as bright could be
And that little apple seed grew to be an apple tree!

Pick Some Apples
Tune: Skip to My Lou
Pick some apples off my tree,
Pick some apples off my tree,
Pick some apples off my tree,
Pick them all for you and me.

Ring Around the Apple Tree
Ring around the apple tree
All full of apples
Shake it
Shake it
They all fall down!!!

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